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Are you an animal lover? Do you have a houseful of pets, some with fur, some with scales, and even some with feathers? If so, welcome to Paws and Connect, a place where you can enjoy a few minutes each day to celebrate the four-legged, the two-legged, and the no-legged. Here you can take a breath to paws and connect with your inner pet-induced happiness.

In a world full of fake news, screaming social media ads, and all-around terrible events, animals help keep us sane. Their big vulnerable eyes open our hearts and keep us connected to something greater. A few minutes of aimless scrolling through silly cat videos and puppy pictures on Pinterest and Facebook can change the course of a tough day. Those images can keep us putting one foot in front of the other even on a seemingly futile day at work or at home cleaning out those closets and junk drawers. An animal-induced giggle can make even the most mundane chore seem doable, at least for a few minutes.

Looking into our pets' big, vulnerable eyes opens our hearts and keeps us connected to something greater! Click To Tweet

Pet and Animal Stories Galore!

With those thoughts in mind, I’m launching this fuzzy little oasis. Paws and Connect is a blog celebrating our furry, scaly, feathered, or hairless friends. Here you’ll see personal anecdotes, hilarious pet catastrophes, life lessons, training ideas, animal crafts, and inspiring animal therapy stories. You may also see affiliate links and sponsored posts for pet products I’ve tried and loved. You will pay no extra if you choose to purchase the products through me, but I may make a small commission.

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While you’re here, check out the Paws and Connect Shop! Here I’ll post links to new pet-related printables I’ve created as well as additional stories, books, and products for pet lovers just like you! Need some party decor? Interested in completing pet-related crafts? Head on over to our shop! While you’re there, sign up for our email list, and grab this amazing set of pet printables for your organizer absolutely free!Grab these free pet printables to help you keep track of all your pets' vet visits, vaccinations, monthly medications, and pet sitter notes all in one place. Welcome to Paws and Connect!

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So grab your device of choice, curl up with your critter on one of these awesomely cozy pet beds, and click around. Take a few minutes to paws and connect with our inspiring, silly, and downright warm-fuzzy pet stories. Welcome to Paws and Connect! I am so glad you’ve stopped by.


I'm a forty-something wife, mom, stepmom, and obsessive pet owner who loves to write about this crazy life with animals. After all, living with two fish, a snake, and a beagle with a history of multiple guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, cats, dogs, horses, and a killer evil rabbit has given me a wealth of stories to share.

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